Sota valkoista väestöä kohtaan täydessä vauhdissa Euroopassa ja USAssa.

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A War Against White People Is in Full Swing in Europe and the US
Mike Walsh
Anti-White racism has distressingly become an accepted cultural norm throughout the Western World. Mainstream media, education, and even science and medicine have been hijacked by brainwashed zealots who push relentless white-hating propaganda on the masses.

There is never mention of ethnic-Europeans being enslaved, not only by their own kind and by Arab slavers.  During the Soviet Union (1917 – 1991) era, a system that was sponsored and laundered by globalists, cattle car trains filled with European slaves carried tens of millions of Europe’s Orthodox Christians to the Bolshevik Gulag camps. It is thought that as many as 40 million White people were enslaved and 40 per cent Gulag victims martyred.

Anti-White propaganda is taught to the next generation through movies, television, and in the classroom, With little resistance from guilt-complexed Whites, many accept the propaganda that they’re evil because of the colour of their skin.
All that Adolf Hitler sought was to give Germans equality. Now, when Whites, proud of their heritage, demand equality with non-Europeans they are demonised as ‘race haters’, xenophobes’, ‘White supremacists’.
When did you ever see such accusations levelled at Jews, Asians and Blacks who respect and promote their own ethnicity?

Schoolchildren are routinely programmed to believe Whites as being the sole racists responsible for black slavery. In fact, it was Blacks, Jewish bankers and merchants, and the degenerate self-loathing liberal elite who were in most cases the financiers and en-slavers of Blacks and Europeans.

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