Mitä tapahtuu kun 3 ulkomaalaista naista eksyy chattiin ja antifa tulee chattiin? lue.

Keskustelu alkaa alhaalta ylöspäin

Jukka : We in antifa fight against nazis

Jukka : You should tell all people and warn this site crazy nazis

Jukka Anti : Yes this nazi site people are craziest ever and most dangerous!

Svetlana : We are leaving anyway. We would not want to be with crazy person.

Jukka Anti : This site is full of nazis

Jukka Antifa finland : Biggest nazis in finland.

Jukka Antifa finland : This site are craziest and most dangerous nazis what is in finland.

Jukka Antifa finland : Maybe you are right but i will fight against nazis.

Svetlana Sokolov : You should get medical care for your mental illness.

Jukka Antifa finland : I got problems but im not problem this site nazis are problems!

Anastasiya Volkov : You sound violence and mental ill unstable dangerous person.

Jukka Antifa finland : This nazi site make me angry. We in antifa try fight against this site and try stop it revealing truth about open borders

Jukka Antifa finland : Yes Iam alcoholist and drug user and never worked. I live with social benefits

Svetlana Sokolov : No offence but you sound like mental ill.

Jukka Antifa finland : I go crazy and want to kill all nazis. I got so angry and made fool myself

Jukka Antifa finland : Yes this site nazis hate speech and that hate kill immigration people.

Olga Ivanov : Really that is horrible 🙁

Jukka Antifa finland : This is biggest nazi website in finland and they kill people in finland.

Anastasiya Volkov : We are not admins to this website. What is this

Jukka Antifa finland : What you are not admins of this site It is finland biggest nazi site!

Svetlana Sokolov : We are not nazis and not running any nazi sites.

Jukka Antifa finland : Really. I mean I love to beat womans. If you lie I would beat you too.

Olga Ivanov : We are from Ukraine.

Jukka Antifa finland : What you are not russians? I was so angry did not notice what you said. Nazis make me angry. Where are you from then?

Anastasiya Volkov : Crazy person totally crazy. Can not read or understand?

Jukka Antifa finland : I kill nazis. I hate nazis!

Jukka Antifa finland : You nazis run this nazi site. People will die because your nazi site and you are biggest nazis!

Anastasiya Volkov : We are not Russians you stupid or can not read?

Jukka Antifa finland : Fucking russian nazis. You run this nazi website and reveal truth about open borders and multiculturalism! You are the biggest nazis ever saw. All open borders people will hate you nazis!

Jukka Antifa finland : I will beat your ass you fucking nazis. I love to beat womans. I beat my gf daily.

Svetlana Sokolov : We are not Russians.

Jukka Antifa finland : Fuck you russians whores. I hate russians!

Anastasiya Volkov : Im bored :/

Olga Ivanov : Two against one unfair.

Svetlana Sokolov : Olga should deserve demotion!

Anastasiya Volkov : This should be private secret chat. You should be fired Olga.

Olga Ivanov : There is delay when sending messages it is not instant takes like minute or 2.

Anastasiya Volkov : lol

Svetlana Sokolov : lol

Svetlana Sokolov : 😀

Olga Ivanov : Don’t care which language it is. This is also public chat lol

Anastasiya Volkov : Danish?

Svetlana Sokolov : Islandic?

Olga Ivanov : I guess this language is Portuguese. No glue?

Anastasiya Volkov : What language is this site. I can not reconize language.

Olga Ivanov : It is wrong link to wrong chat 😀 lol

Svetlana Sokolov : Wrong link and that it is why totally wrong chat lol

Anastasiya Volkov : This is wrong chat LOL

Svetlana Sokolov : What is this link it is not right chat link :S

Anastasiya Volkov : Flowers need water to grow better

Svetlana Sokolov : We need good plan to grow flowers ground was bad this year.

Anastasiya Volkov : Woman power 🙂

Svetlana Sokolov : We need set up meeting today with our 10 people group in vk

Olga Ivanov : username is ppnad and password koldio

Olga Ivanov : Alex username and password is

Olga Ivanov : We need talk about Alexander

Alex : It is morning here

Alex : Nobody in chat?

Alex : Is finland rich country?

Alex : Hello finland lets talk about immigration


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  1. suvakit näkevät natseja ja ryssiä jokapaikassa. Suvakit ovat hyvin tyhmiä ihmisiä kuten tässä taas kerran näkee.

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